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About Us

In creating our collections, Stitched Almaree combines conscious workmanship. We believe that your favorite outfit is like an old friend and donning the outfit, helps you love yourself a little more. Our collections are beautifully handcrafted in India, ethically made and thought out in great detail–with every button, seam, stitch helping the garment come together. Where every stitch tells a different story.

Who we are

“I don’t know what to wear!!” 

The Stitched Almaree journey essentially began when the founder – Ritika Bhojwani stood before the closet and couldn’t find a single piece of clothing that defined her style. As a matter of fact, each outfit she wore was one that she’d seen others wear before—either style was the same, the design looked similar, or was cut from the same fabric.  

This is a situation a lot of us face almost every day. Have a brunch to go to? Not sure you have the right outfit. Business meeting? It’s not the right shirt! Finally, find an outfit you like. But the fit is not great! We get it.

This is why we choose to create customized looks for customers to make it look the best for your body. And so Stitched Almaree was born! 

From being confused about her style to actually creating looks for others, Ritika and her team offer a fresh perspective on fashion that reminds everyone that the best look is the one that feels like it was made just for you.

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We are dedicated to the art of quality in every handcrafted piece.

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