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    As the world becomes smaller and our wardrobes grow bigger, clothing has become the new form of self-expression. In this crazy, rushed world of ‘shop till you drop’ and ‘ootd’, we envisioned Stiched Almaree to be just the opposite – A personal and intimate experience where the clothing is truly your own.

    Each person is unique and so we thought that each piece also must be unique. Our team of fashion designers spends a substantial amount of time exploring prints, fabrics, colors, and textures to make sure each outfit looks different than the one before.

    At Stiched Almaree we believe that your favorite outfit is like an old friend and donning the outfit, helps you love yourself a little more. Team Stitched began with one objective only – to make each customer feel their most unique self. We also ensured that Stiched Almaree establishes sustainable practices within the organization that benefit that benefits customers and the creators equally. The brand started initially with creating looks that were singularly remarkable and our fortitude lies in our ability to create custom pieces that you’ll never see anywhere other than your own closet







    ” I don’t know what to wear !! ” 

    This is where the Stitched Almaree journey essentially began, where founder – Ritika Bhojwani stood before the closet and couldn’t find one piece of clothing that she could say defined her personal style. Each outfit was one that she’d seen others wear often enough- either the style was the same or the design looked similar or was cut from the same cloth.
    This is a situation a lot of us find ourselves in almost every day. Have a brunch to go to? – Not sure I have the right outfit. Business meeting? – Not the right shirt! Finally, found an outfit you like? but the fit is not great! We get it This is why we choose to create customized looks for each customer to make it look that looks best for your body. And so Stiched Almaree was born! From being confused about her style to actually creating looks for others, Ritika and Team are changing the slow fashion world, on customized look at a time.

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